Called 2 Be A Teacher

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I am a 4th grade self-contained teacher and am loving every minute of it. I would love to share the resources I create to use in my classroom, as well as the successes and failures. Teaching is a calling and is my passion. I love educating young minds and making learning fun.

Math is my Favorite Subject

My absolute favorite subject to teach is math. Although, I love all the other subjects, I struggled with math when I was younger. I believe that by me learning math through struggling and finding methods that worked for me, helps me teach math in a more in depth way. Getting my students to think about math, ask higher order thinking and helping them see that math is actually not a hard subject to learn is one of my goals.

I create many products that I use in my own classroom using methods that worked for me as a student. I have turned my class from not liking math to loving math. They all look forward to math during each day now.

I am linking up with other bloggers for this week for math. Feel free to visit each blog, everyone has something different to offer.



Nita Marie's Classroom Creations said...

I loved reading your comments about math. I love that you are letting your students struggle to find the different ways to solve problems. It is such a challenge for them... but that's how they learn the best!!!

Love Always Diana Lynn said...

I feel like I am the exact opposite! I was always really great at math and have such a hard time understanding what my students don't understand (especially since I understand it COMPLETELY!) I am trying to do a better job at explaining more deeply so that my students understand more fully! Thanks for sharing!

Love Always, Diana Lynn

Adam Thompson said...

It's great when you can use your own learning experiences when teaching.