Called 2 Be A Teacher

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I am a 4th grade self-contained teacher and am loving every minute of it. I would love to share the resources I create to use in my classroom, as well as the successes and failures. Teaching is a calling and is my passion. I love educating young minds and making learning fun.

Valentine's Day Fraction Vocabulary and Worksheets

I have been teaching fractions since we came back from Christmas break. I am taking it slow and steady, making sure the students are grasping the knowledge of the content. We have so much fun in class working on fractions. I use many methods such as, teacher instructed, guided instruction, group work, students solving problems on the board, games and so much more. The students have changed their views on math. I  use small and large packets on Fridays in stations and this one will be used as well. I have several Valentine's packets for writing and will be using them too. Learning should be fun and it is up to us as teachers to make it fun and enjoyable. At the same time ensuring the students are grasping the content. Below is a picture of the cover of the Valentine's day worksheets. Please feel free to visit my store to see all the Valentine's products I have listed. 

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