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Hello and welcome to my new blog. I am a 4th grade self-contained teacher and am loving every minute of it. I would love to share the resources I create to use in my classroom, as well as the successes and failures. Teaching is a calling and is my passion. I love educating young minds and making learning fun.

Multiplication Wheels and Times Tables Set

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Here is another great way for your students to practice their multiplication facts. These Multiplication Wheels are helpful for students to improve their multiplication automaticity skill. Included are multiplication wheels and tables for facts 1 – 12 for a total of 24 pieces. They will work well in a Math Center or as individual and whole class practice.

They are easy to use, too; print on cardstock, laminate, cut out each wheel, provide white board or Vis-a-V markers and you have a useful and fun center activity.

Students will use the factor in the center of the wheel to multiply the factors on the outer wheel. Each wheel has a different number to multiply and they will write the products on the blank, outside spaces of the wheels.
You can make multiple sets of the times tables charts and place on rings to be used for additional practice.

CLICK HERE to get the packet!

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Jennifer Zoglman said...

Hi! I found you in a FB group and wanted to stop by and check out your blog. It looks great and I'm your newest follower. The multiplication wheels look neat!

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