Called 2 Be A Teacher

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I am a 4th grade self-contained teacher and am loving every minute of it. I would love to share the resources I create to use in my classroom, as well as the successes and failures. Teaching is a calling and is my passion. I love educating young minds and making learning fun.

Parts of Speech Scavenger Hunt

I created a 18 page PDF (16 workable frames) using fill in the blank sentences for parts of speech. The students will move around the room (or you could use these in your small groups or stations) to find the word that completes the sentence. I love engaging my students and some need to move around more than others. With assignments like these in the classroom, I am able to allow those students to move around. I also like my students to be engaged, discuss their answers with each other and figure out the answers. I hope you enjoy this product. 

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